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Sam Hatfield Realty October 2011 Newsletter


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Sam Hatfield
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4470 Mansford Road
Winchester, TN 37398

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October 2011


Featured Home
New Listing


MLS# 1303349

97 Pleasant Drive


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Great lakefront home with a view, easy walk to the dock, this home has a lake home feel, hardwood floors, vaulted great room.








September New Listings

Visit to view ALL Tims Ford Lake Properties for sale

MLS #1303872 375 Huffman Park Lynchburg, TN 37352

Immaculate lakefront home with 210 ft of shoreline & covered floating dock. House features 4BR, 4.5BA, living/great room with fireplace and a captains loft above it. Each room has access outside with beautiful views of the lake.


MLS #1304627 295 Coopers Cove Lynchburg, TN 37352

Beautiful lakefront home w/ open floor plan and great views of the lake.  Home has 5BR 2.5 baths, living room with wood burning fireplace, kitchen, dining area, rec/bonus room, covered floating dock, 2 jet ski ports with jet skis, home sells furnished.



MLS #1303349 97 Pleasant Drive Winchester, TN 37398

Great lakefront home with a view, easy walk to the dock, this home has a lake home feel, hardwood floors, vaulted great room.


MLS #1303320 1707 Blue Creek Road Tullahoma, TN 37388

Great house in the country, house has been updated with new roof, new windows and doors, new ventilation system, has 8 acres and is fenced.


MLS #1301285 0 Rocky Hollow Drive Winchester, TN 37398

Lakefront lot in prestigious Hopkins Point, great building sites, lot of road frontage already has a deck down by the water, and a permit for a pier.


Calendar of Events

October 10 – Columbus Day

October 31 – Halloween



Tips on Fall Home Maintenance Projects

Top 10 projects you can do in 30 minutes or less


Fall home maintenance projects are all about protecting your home and preserving safety and comfort indoors, which you get your home ready for winter. Grab a few tools and a half an hour now to tackle one of the following chores, and you will thank yourself warmly a few months down the line.

1.     Find your valves: Water leak emergencies are all too common over the cold weather month. Use half an hour now to locate and label every important water valve in your home, including the main water valve, water heater valve, hose valves and icemaker valves. Familiarize other family members with their locations and operation in case you’re away when disaster strikes. If you are heading out of town for a few days, get in the habit of turning off your main water valve on the way out the door, to limit any pipe breaks to the water in the pipe, as opposed to the water in the local reservoir!

2.     Drain the water heater: Your family will be depending on an efficient, consistent hot water supply in the coming Fall months, so prepare your hot water heater for duty. Sediment build up on a water heater’s bottom can interfere with performance. Maintenance every six months by using the tank’s drain valve to carefully discharge a few gallons of the hot water inside

3.     Lubricate locks and hinges: Creaky hinges and sticking locks can spook you at exactly the wrong moment, so make the rounds with a can of WD-40. It’ll clean and lubricate metal mechanisms in one shot.

4.     Clean and reverse ceiling fans: Now that they’re done spinning out cool comfort, resetting fans for the winter routine is an important fall maintenance project. Give fan blades a through dusting, and then switch them to a clockwise spin in order to push warm air downward from the ceiling.

5.     Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: This biannual maintenance is especially important before you turn on your heating system. Vacuum detectors to remove excess dust, replace batteries, and get in the habit of using the devices’ test buttons to check their function once a month.

6.     Clean the humidifier: Indoor heat makes for a dry environment, and your home’s humidifier needs to be ready to balance things out. Over time, humidifiers can get clogged and stop working, or even worse, send bacteria and mold throughout the house. So go through the cleaning routine as recommended by your unit’s manufacturer. Soaking the evaporator pad in a solution of white vinegar and water often works well to dissolve mineral salts left behind as water evaporates; just be sure to rinse well after the soak so your home doesn’t end up smelling like a big salad.

7.     Check for roof leaks: Winter rains are comforting until they start landing inside your home, so check and protect the most likely leak points in your roof. After the first big Fall rain storm, grab a flashlight and inspect areas where protrusions such as chimneys and plumbing vent pipes meet the roof. Then pick up your binoculars and inspect the same spots from outside, also scanning for missing shingles and loose flashing that require replacement.

8.     Quiet kitchen cabinets: Before the Fall is over, your kitchen will soon be bustling with holiday dinners, baking projects, and house guests, so don’t let little annoyances get in the way of big plans. Clean and lubricate drawers and hinges on kitchen cabinets, and replace any catches that no longer catch.

9.     Steady all handrails: Negotiating a snowy step or a busy indoor staircase is tricky enough without wondering if the handrail will hold steady. Make sure all inside and outside handrails are secure, and repair loose railings, posts and spindles. Indoors, loose wood spindles can be repaired by dipping a wooden toothpick in glue and wedging it in where the spindle goes into the handrail. Once the glue is dry, break off the excess toothpick or trim it away with a utility knife.

10.  Caulk the chimney crown: You can avoid major repair costs with a little maintenance of your masonry chimney’s crown – that cement area between the outside edge of the brick and the terra-cotta clay chimney liner. Cracks in the crown allow water to leak into the chimney, where it can cause bricks to freeze and break. An annual dose of caulking will prevent such an expensive disaster and help maintain the chimney’s structural integrity.

Fall home maintenance projects are important to make sure your home is ready for winter and the holiday events that are just around the corner. Get them done with these quick tips over the next few weekends and you’ll be ready to hibernate.





Halloween Party Safety


If you don’t like to send your kids out for trick or treating a good substitute is a home Halloween party. Setting up a Halloween party for your kids can be just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids. This is also a great adult holiday and throwing a Halloween party for adults can be very fun! You can hold a costume contest, have a theme party, the possibilities are endless and work for both kids and adult parties!


If you run short on ideas, there are many Halloween party idea books available at your local book or craft store. Also, remember that the internet is a well spring of information and you’ll find sites that have party ideas, games, food, music and costume ideas.


Here are a few Halloween party ideas to get you started:


For a kids party, plan some good games to keep your child’s Halloween party running smoothly. Kids can have short attention spans so you want to keep the party exciting and flowing smoothly!

For an adult Halloween party, keep it jumping with some rockin’ Halloween music! Kids might like sound effects better and you can find all kinds of Halloween music and sound effects CDs for kids and adults at this time of year.


If you are serving food or treats at the party, make your table setting a spooky one using fake spider web, mini pumpkins, and other Halloween items. Adults like to have as much fun during Halloween as the kids do and adult Halloween parties tend to be much wilder than kids parties with dancing, alcohol and a full lay out of food. Make sure that your serving area looks like Halloween!


When deciding on a menu, check and see if anyone attending the party has food allergies that might be a problem. Common food allergies to dairy products, peanuts and shell fish can rally put a damper on the festivities. Planning ahead for problems can make all the difference for your Halloween party!


Using common sense can make a party a great one and avoid anything that may ruin it. For adult parties, keep an eye on the drinking and don’t let it get out of hand. Take the keys away from anyone that may be driving. Have one person stay sober and offer to drive those people home who may be too intoxicated to drive.


Having a Halloween party, either one for adult or for children, is definitely great fun! In order to have things run smoothly and with no accidents, here are some tips that can be used to make your party more enjoyable. With a little planning and time to prepare, you have thrown a fun, safe Halloween party!


" If using dry ice in a punch bowl, make sure that you use a large punch bowl and a smaller one that fits inside. The smaller one is for the punch, the larger one is to put the dry ice and hot water in. Keep them separate, dry ice is not for ingestion and can cause serious damage to internal organs if swallowed.

" If you are holding your party in your house, make sure that you move any breakable pieces of furniture or knick-knacks to another room where they can’t get broken. A forgotten heirloom vase that hits the floor could ruin the night for you.

" To keep things moving for either an adult party or child’s party, make sure that you have some games, like scavenger hunt or a murder mystery planned in advance.

" If you are planning a party for your kids and their friends, see if you can get some of the other parents to help out with planning, baking and what ever else needs to be done. Many of them will be willing to help out to make it successful party for all their kids to attend.

" Any treats or party food that can be made in advance is always a big help! If you have other parents helping out, make sure that everyone gets assigned a food item to bring, that will take a load off the main hostess. Make sure that someone is bringing drinks, food, snacks, treats or whatever you are serving.

" Having a pumpkin carving party on the night before Halloween can be a great way to start off the festivities. Either adults, kids, or both, have a wonderful time and get all your pumpkins carved before the big night!

" Set up a table with treats, punch and goodies in your front yard if you live in a small neighborhood. Invite the children and their parents to stop by for refreshments, you’ll start a small party in your front yard! Just make sure you set up a nice yard haunt, too!

" If you live in a friendly neighborhood, discuss having a Halloween block party with the neighbors. Set it up outside, in the street and yards and get everyone involved. Have carnival  type games, a few yard haunts, food, music and dancing.




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