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Sam Hatfield Realty January 2009 Newsletter


Sam Hatfield
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January 2009

The staff at Sam Hatfield Realty, Inc wishes you a happy and healthy New Year!

Featured Home


MLS #884445

125 Walnut Drive



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Excellent fisherman/hunter's retreat! Rustic, cozy lake cabin -3 br/2 ba in Cline Ridge Sub. Floating dock on an out parcel located on White Oak with big water views. The house sells furnished. New tile flooring, all new appliances.

December New Listings

MLS #1042194   126 Jill's Landing  $469,000
Great lakefront home just minutes from downtown Winchester. This home has fantastic views of Tims Ford Lake, walk out basement, covered floating dock with boat lift, new roof, windows replaced 5 years ago, price well below market value. A must see!

Calendar of Events

Nashville Boat Show

Nashville Convention Center  
601 Commerce St.
Nashville, TN

Dates:  January 7-11, 2009

Sam Hatfield Realty will again have a booth at this year's boat show.  Our booth is #168, located to the left of the main entrance on ground floor of the show.  Stop by and check out our specials on lake property vacation rentals!

Top 10 Things to Expect in the Housing Market in 2009

After the too-good-to-be-true housing boom in the first half of this decade, 2008 was a dose of reality. The subprime mortgage crisis and the collapse of major financial institutions made this year a tough one for real estate. Expect 2009 to be filled with more change and adjustment in home values and expectations. On a positive note, help is on the way from the Feds, and some experts say a slow recovery could begin in late 2009. Prepare yourself for the challenges -- and opportunities -- of 2009 by getting familiar with what to expect in the housing market.

1.    Continued market adjustments.

With home prices in some markets having reached astronomical levels, it was inevitable a reset button be pushed. Sellers will continue to be challenged in 2009 as the inflated pricing of years past adjusts to normal levels. With banks and builders willing to slash prices to sell a backlog of foreclosures and new homes, individual sellers will have to price their homes competitively.

2.    Action from the Obama administration.

President-elect Barack Obama's plan to help the housing sector includes a 10 percent mortgage tax credit for homeowners who don't itemize their taxes and a crackdown on abusive lending practices.

3.    More assistance programs for homeowners in danger of foreclosure.

While the federal government is attempting to reduce foreclosures, a report released by the Joint Economic Committee predicts 2 million foreclosures in 2009. Homeowners who are at risk should take steps to avoid foreclosure.

4.    Some calm to the chaos of the banks' restructuring.

This should cause loan modifications and short sales to get easier, and it will also (eventually) decrease the number of bank-owned properties on the market.

5.    Thorough reviews of mortgage applications.

Before the subprime mortgage debacle, you didn't have to prove you could afford to borrow $200,000 for a home and you didn't need a down payment. Those days of sketchy lending practices are gone. Lenders now require potential borrowers to provide extensive income and expense documentation. Homebuyers with the best credit will get the lowest interest rates. Take steps now to get your finances in order and boost your credit score.

6.    Low prices and low interest rates.

2009 could be the time for reluctant homebuyers to act, as this is perhaps the last year of the best buying opportunity in recorded economic history.

7.    Cool tech tricks and tools for the real estate obsessed.

As homebuyers turn to the Web more and more for their real estate needs, video, webcasts and mobile search tools are becoming more prevalent. Sellers should consider using these cutting-edge tools to make their homes stand out.

8.    Wiser consumers.

After facing this foreclosure crisis, buyers, sellers, real estate agents and even tenants will have a deeper understanding of real estate, mortgage and credit, which they can use to make better decisions and be more self-protective in the future.

9.    Leaner, greener home buying.

Across the board, home buying is becoming more eco-friendly, from transactions being conducted digitally to buyers opting for smaller homes within walking distance of school and work.

10.    An increase in consumer confidence.

As the year goes on and we near the projected end of the recession, sellers can breathe a sigh of relief as buyers regain confidence in the market.

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Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

 We make them every year on January 1st.  New Year's resolutions.  Most of us donít keep those promises to start anew but some of us manage to persist and succeed.  Weíve put together the top ten New Years resolutions along with some tips on how to keep them. 

 1. Spend more time with family. Spending time with family and friends is always important.  But too often we push it to the back burner because of work, housework, errands, or we are just too tired.  Relationships need a little TLC and it may help you find renewed focus for your obligations by catching up with an old friend.  Sometimes laughter is the best medicine for stress.

2. Get in shape. We are obsessed with the latest and greatest diet and exercise trends.  The problem is, forming healthy habits seem so much harder than the bad ones! Start slow.  Build the time into your calendar. Literally schedule ďgym 5 pmĒ on your planner.  Try to aim for 20 min three times per week. Once you do that for a month, youíll feel so good it wonít be so hard to make time for it!

3. Lose weight. This resolution goes hand in hand with the aforementioned one. Begin your exercise plan.  Start a food journal.  Sometimes we donít realize that we are eating as much as we are!  Those handfuls of M&Mís can end up adding hundreds of calories.  Try packing a healthy lunch at night so you donít have to plan for it in the morning.  Bring enough healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, veggies and a light dip etc) to work for the week.  Then when itís 3 pm and you are starving, you have a stash to go to that wonít make you feel guilty!

4. Quit smoking. This is a reoccurring one for most long time smokers.  And itís not easy.  It takes an average of 8 tries before you finally kick the habit.  Pick a quit date and circle it on your calendar.  Tell everyone around you that you are quiting.  Tell your smoking buddies to support you by not offering them to you when they go for their break.  Replace smoke breaks at work with a quick walk around the building or up and down the stairs.

5. Enjoy life more. Undoubtedly if you successfully incorporate resolutions 1-4, you will be enjoying life more.  Sometimes it is hard to be thankful for what you have when all you see is what you donít have. Try to find a quite moment each day to think about all that you are thankful for.  Begin a journal and either start or end each entry with something positive.  Try something youíve always wanted to do but have been afraid to.  Life is short, embrace the moment!

6. Quit drinking. The holidays are definitely a time of merriment and excess.  For some, the excess doesnít stop with the holiday season.  Just like any addiction, drinking is not an easy one to overcome.  Seek help and support. 

7. Get out of debt. In this economy, this new yearís resolution may be at the top of many lists. 

8. Help others. Helping others is a fantastic way to help yourself.   Look for local opportunities.  Be realistic with your time.  It wonít benefit anyone if you canít keep your commitment. 

9. Get organized. We could all benefit from being better organized.  Tackle one area at a time.   

10. Go back to school. This is your year. Go back to school and work toward the life you want.