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Sam Hatfield Realty November 2008 Newsletter


Sam Hatfield
Owner / Broker



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November 2008

Featured Home

MLS #1029342

 804 Swann LN.


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Very beautiful home on 5.1 acres. Outbuilding perfect for storage, an in ground pool, large kitchen, intercom system, tons of storage, and lots of privacy.


            SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22

                 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. 

Please stop by for refreshments and see our new office!

October New Listings and Closings

New Listings

MLS #1023251            585 Wildwood Trace   $449,000
Beautiful 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath lake house in Heatherwood Subdivision. Huge kitchen perfect for entertaining, and a nice sitting area outside also perfect for entertaining. Dock floats year round.

MLS #1028047            421 Huffman Park       $579,000
Very nice lakefront home, located in Ridgeville Subdivision, this home has all the space you need, new CHA, covered floating dock with year round water, large great room for entertaining, covered porch for relaxing.


Closed Listings

-          MLS #983295  Lot 22 Rainbow Lane
Nice building lot, close to Holiday Marina

-          MLS #983329  Lot 23 Rainbow Lane
Nice building lot, close to Holiday Marina

-         MLSS #1006338       0 Sanders Drive
Nice lot in Ridgeville Subdivision has a lake view

"Thanksgiving is America’s national chow-down feast, the one occasion each year when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty". Michael Dresser

Carving the Turkey

Turkey is the main attraction of the Thanksgiving table. While you may serve a whole roasted turkey as a centerpiece of the table, sliced meat and carved turkey are easier to serve. Here are some tips on how to carve a turkey for Thanksgiving: 

            Equipment You May Need:

·         Warm serving platter

·         Pair of kitchen scissors

·         Flexible and sharp 10-inch slicing knife

·         Carving fork for arranging and serving meat


·     Let the turkey cool for about 20-30 minutes at room temperature.

·     Put the turkey on a carving board using paper towels.

·     Cut through the trussing with scissors and remove the string.

·     Remove the drumsticks by placing the knife against the thigh and cut down to the legs second joint, where you apply the pressure with the knifepoint and twist it to sever the drumstick.

·     Make an oval incision in the neck cavity and remove the stuffing, take care to leave the skin intact.

·      Transfer the scooped out stuffing into a serving bowl using a long handled spoon.

·      Slice the thigh meat from the bone.

·      Cut carefully while placing the knife horizontally at the bottom curve of the birds breast and slice in towards the rib cage from the top down.

·     Cut vertically through the breast meat while carefully preserving some of the skin on each slice.

·     Severe the wings from the first wing joint.

·    Arrange the carved turkey on the serving platter by placing the breast meat slices in rows along both sides of the platter, the slices of thigh meat in the center,  the drumsticks crossed at one end and the wings on top, facing each other with the skin side up.




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Get Ready For Cold Weather

Fall signals the start of the heating season and the end of air conditioning use. Because furnaces have been sitting idle for months, here is a reminder to do a safety and energy efficiency check of your furnace or have a safety inspection performed by a qualified technician.
Gas furnaces that have dirty filters, leaky ducts or are in need of repair use significantly more energy to produce the same amount of heat in the living space. This inefficiency leads to higher gas bills.
10-point Furnace Safety Check

Complete this check list before turning on the furnace this year. It only takes a few minutes, but doing this important check can save money on your monthly energy costs and ensure that your gas heating appliances is in a safe operating condition.

 Internal Inspection

1.       Look for cracked, rusted, misaligned, or clogged vents.
2.       Check your flue assembly for alignment and rigidity; a small earthquake is all it takes to loosen the flue and allow the products of combustion into your home.
3.       Make sure the flame is blue – a yellow flame may be a sign that a burner could be out of adjustment.
4.       Inspect for soot in the burning area and vents – this can be an indication that the gas burner is not properly adjusted and requires servicing.
5.       Look for cracked or frayed blower belts.
6.       Clean all dust and lint near the burning chamber. Please ensure that the thermostat is in the off position prior to cleaning.
7.       Clean or replace your furnace filter and make sure the blower door is properly secured.

External Inspection

1.       Securely fasten the door that covers the pilot light and burner area.
2.       Do not store or use combustible materials or liquids near any gas appliance.
3.       Check ducts for leaks and have them properly insulated.